A ‘can it be worse, ofcourse’ day

29 Feb

There are all ways those days when just everything goes wrong. Today, for excample. First: I forgot my drivinglesson, I just putted my clothes on, when: ring ring; were are you? I’m waiting for you! So there I went, without make up, breakfast, lunch, a coat and without styling my hair. I looked like one big disaster.
With phyics, we had to write an artikel about frequenties and formants. I was almost done when suddenly everything was gone! Big disaster two.
When I came home, I couldn’t get in. I must have forgotten my key. I thought my sister came home an hour later so I waited, and waited and waited. When I saw the neighbours coming home, I asked their ‘key for emercency’ so I could go in my house. Disaster three.
When I was finnaly in the house, after waiting for half an hour, I saw my sister watching tv. Like: she was home alll the time!

But hee, I have to be gratefull for the fact that I’m living. And I am. But when is karma kicking in for me?


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