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30 Mrt


I love my new lipstick, it’s from bourjois!


Tie dye

30 Mrt

I’m tie dyeing my pants on this very moment.


This is a before picture. I’ll post an after picture tomorrow, or maybe tonight! Tie dyed jeans are very hot this moment, and very easy to DIY! Just soak the pants in some water, then take some rubber bands, put them on te jeans so you get a big knot. Throw the jeans in a bucket with bleach and let the bleach do the work! You can also do this to your shirt or bag ofcourse!


28 Mrt

Jealousy. There aren’t much people who can say that they are never jealous. Those who say it, are lying or aren’t human. Jealousy is one of the strongest human emotions, I guess. It can stimulate you, to work harder for exemple. But it can also break you down.
I can be jealous. Very jealous. And that in combination of being a perfectionist can break you down to the ground. Where am I jealous about? Long, skinny girls. The fact that I can’t control my ‘foodattacts’ and other people can. People with a lot of gadgets; iPods, iPhones, everything from mac. People who follow their dreams etc etc. Where are you jealous about?

Cute icescream

27 Mrt

Ever heard of cute icecream? Me neither. But I’ve seen it now. And it’s cute, very cute.


Even cuter is the story behind these cuties. One of my friends said she had the icecreammies for a long time, but never whore them. When she saw me, I reminded her of the earrings, ‘I was just as cute as the icecream’. She went looking for them in her room and it took her 4 days to found them. Then she gave them to me. Isn’t that cute?

I think people need to be nicer to each other, to be honest; people are stupid. You can make someone happy with such small things, so why not just do such small things? Bake some cookies, give someone a hug, just visite someone on a random moment. Just do it. (jep, I feel like Nike now.)


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the result will be on, tonight!


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I’m a robot blieb blieb. This ring is from h&m, and it fits perfectly! My parents say I look rediculous, but hey, I don’t care! Would you buy a ring like this?


26 Mrt

I had a subscription on ELLE for a long long time, but I just stopped it. I began to miss the magazine, so I took a new subscription! I’m gonna own this bag ( a cowboybag), and I can’t wait!


I also can’t wait until I can read the ELLE, I love that magazine. It’s very inspirational! Do you guys own a subscription?