shopping with dad and mom.

9 Mrt

This evening my parents went shopping together. I was very, very bored, so I went with them. Shopping with my parents is the worse shopping there is. And that’s serious.

You’re probably wondering what’s awful about it, because how can shopping be awful? Well, just shop with someone who dislikes your style, loves to see you in a thight pants, with a simple t-shirt. Thinks you’re at your best without any make up (well, that’s a compliment!) any jewelry and most important; without high heels. My parents hate high heels. And I love them.

Everything goes fine, until I see a nice pair of high heels. My dad says I’ll look like a slut if I were them. Then I think; aah, well, not everybody loves everything I love. But when I see a nice dress, and my dad (again) says; you’ll look like a slut. And with a nice skirt: you’ll look like a slut. I start to feel unpleasant.

Every time when I shop with my dad or mom it goes like this. And that’s something that starts to kick in. I start to feel very uncertain about my clothing. When I’m on school, everyone says I look nice. And there is the problem. What do I wear then? I’m always trying to find a middle ground, but it doesn’t work. I like how I look, with high heels. With a cute dress. And that’s serious.


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