unwanted revenge

12 Mrt

Last week, I was sick. My parents, and sister, didn’t believe me. This week, my sister is sick. My parents are very helpfull, giving her tea, dry cookies.. Even my cats lay with her. What is it with the youngest one all ways being piteous?  Well at least I got a little unwanted revenge for don’t believing me.

I do have double feelings. My sister isn’t feeling well, and it’s my sister so I care. She’s very helpless now, and I wanna take care of her. But on the other side: when I was sick, she didn’t  take care of me.

I wanna help her, but I wanna show her how I felt last week too.

What would you do?


Eén reactie to “unwanted revenge”

  1. wellbeadreamfull 12 maart 2012 bij 15:50 #

    I so agree, I also have this feeling like a lot. The oldest rule, the youngers are just silly XD

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