Always the bad things

20 Mrt

Always the bad things that stay in your head. Always the bad things that keep you thinking. Say something positive and a girl will remember it for, well, 4 seconds. Say something negative and she will remember it for a life time.

I kissed a boy. A cute one. Like: ashton kutcher cute. One of my bestes friends knows him for a long time and talks a lot with him. About me, for exemple. He told her that it was a mistake to kiss me. He said he is sorry for kissing a weird “creative” person. I don’t mind. I did’t want him as boyfriend anyway. But weird creative person? Is being creative something negative? Ofcourse not. The number of people who like me as creative person is bigger than the number of people who don’t like me. I know that I’m pretty the way I am. But it keeps you thinking.


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