That one favourite

21 Mrt

There’s always that one special item. That one shirt, or pants that fits perfectly, looks good without almost everything; it’s just perfect.

My special item are pants from h&m. Sand colour. Thight. I don’t like thight/skinny, but this one fits so, so perfect! They are perfect summer pants. But they are beautiful in the winter too. They are just amazing. And than this happend:


It’s such a cruel world.. There was ice outside. I felt. And my favourite pants just sounded like this: krrrrrrrrrk.
Auch. I trowed them far away in my closet, being very depressed. I found them yesterday, damn what a beauty they are. I putted them on. Fitting like a glove, I just wore them. I don’t mind there is a big hole. It’s my favourite.


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