Nobody knows

22 Mrt

Did you guys knew that nobody I personal know, knows I have a blog? Accept wellbeadreamfull! Two friends know I have a blog, but not where and with which name. Why? Keeping a blog is a weird thing to do, I guess. A lot of people think keeping a blog is only for people who ‘have something’. Someone with a diseas, or someone who’s travelling. And ofcourse, those people can keep a blog, I love to read those blogs. But other people can have a blog to right? To put all their thougts on.

It’s a little bit privacy to, I guess. I write about friends, or other people I know. If they read it.. mm. It’s also ‘weird’ to have a blog about fashion. Or music. Or just random thoughs. That’s what a lot of people think. I believe blogging is a beautiful way to express yourself. It can be a relieve to write about your day. It doesn’t matter if nobody reads it, you said it, that’s enough.


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