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25 Apr


This will be a truth for alot of girls. Not. Good.


ludwig museum

23 Apr

Love this painting. It’s huge.

I like huge.

Mass murderer

21 Apr

I’m to busy for a doctors visit.
That’s crazy right? To busy to make an appointment for my health.

School is killing me. Of course, school is killing everybody. It’s a mass murderer. But I get so tired of all the reviews we have to write, tests we have to learn and, oh we also need to think about the future. Studies. Chose one. Pick a second. It’s killing me. There are awesome things too. Make a ‘1minute’ film for instance. That are projects that keep me floating. School is pussing me under. But I’m stronger. I’m fighting back.


19 Apr

One of the best.


19 Apr

Going to Keulen (germany) today, I’m gonna give a little presentation about tom wesselman’s Great American Nude #98. So this is my “serious business” outfit. Good?


18 Apr


Blouse esprit
Jeans own DIY
Shoes converse all star
Necklace h&m
Watch rolex
Bag h&m


17 Apr

I’m going to London in may, with school (bummer) but also with one of my best friends!
I’ll be gone for a week, but I’ll update you guys everyday. I’m also gonna show you my suitcase, clothes and a week long OOTD! Sounds like a lot of fashion, right?
Two teachers will also keep a blog (in English), you can check that out here

I can’t wait to go!

two weeks left