Tagging in real life

12 Apr

Boxes. Everybody sees everybody in boxes. Mm, he looks like a musician but he wears a hat, must be a hippie. That girl has glasses from the year 1900 and her hair looks a mess, she never reads beautymagazines I guess.

I hate that way of thinking. Boxes culture. I found myself doing it twice today. I saw a cute boy, from my class, and thought about his music taste, the way he dresses and the way he talks. I tried to give him a label. Something saying: lonely traveler or music romanticist. But before I found the right label my head said stop! Right label? There aren’t right labels for a guy like him. He is just who he is.
I wasn’t happy with myself because I’m so against that way of thinking but it just happend.

do you tag people?


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