Silk with denim

6 Aug

Who said you can’t mix up silk and denim?


Well, I think it looks perfect :))



What do you think?


When vacation hits..

5 Aug

My life, is a busy one. I’ve to work hard for school, learn things, do things enz. So when vacation hits.. I’m going hard. Very hard. Only this week I made: a jumpsuit, a jacket with shorts and a silk top with denim peter pan collar. Awesome right? I’m gonna sew more and more next week! A maxi dress, denimshorts that match the silktop, a blue maxiskirt that’s short in front and a skirt or short from some green fabric.


This is a preview of the silk top I made. Pictures of the whole thing will be up tomorrow!


NEW IN – vintage earrings

1 Jul

Well, sometimes it’s great to search for new things. But sometimes, searching for old things is better.









23 Jun


It’s been awhile. Like, a very long time ago. Don’t ask me why. It wasn’t like ‘so busy’ or ‘writersblock’. Maybe these new sunglasses will cheer you up. I know they cheer me up.


14 Mei

Girls are from venus. Boys from mars. How stupid that sentence may sound, it’s so so damn true. I realize it everyday, over and over again.

I know this guy, who just doesn’t tell his friends anything. He has friends (real humans, not pets or something like that), but doesn’t feel the need to tell about his new crush. Or his new teacher. Or his football match. But, were are friend for then? Well, he’s from mars. I’m from venus, so I don’t get it. Do you?

Safetypins + bunny’s

13 Mei

I’ll wear this tomorrow. To school. Mm.

Skirt h&m
Shirt h&m
Shoes new look
Sunglasses h&m


12 Mei

Just got back from London! I’ll post a shoplog soon, cause i’ve shopped like hell! And that’s serious since I got 5 blisters on each foot, so walking wasn’t a very nice thing to do.. Now I’ve returned, my feet are treated like there in heaven and I can walk normal again! On these white baby’s.