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Barcelona’s bleaching

13 Aug


I’m packing for Barcelona. Packing some shorts I thought.. These are kinda boring.. We can do something about that.. Let’s bleach them.. So my whole room smells like bleach now.. The shorts are turning round ’n round in the washingmachine on this very moment, so now I really have to start packig my stuff.




18 Apr


Blouse esprit
Jeans own DIY
Shoes converse all star
Necklace h&m
Watch rolex
Bag h&m

Tie dye

30 Mrt

I’m tie dyeing my pants on this very moment.


This is a before picture. I’ll post an after picture tomorrow, or maybe tonight! Tie dyed jeans are very hot this moment, and very easy to DIY! Just soak the pants in some water, then take some rubber bands, put them on te jeans so you get a big knot. Throw the jeans in a bucket with bleach and let the bleach do the work! You can also do this to your shirt or bag ofcourse!