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When vacation hits..

5 Aug

My life, is a busy one. I’ve to work hard for school, learn things, do things enz. So when vacation hits.. I’m going hard. Very hard. Only this week I made: a jumpsuit, a jacket with shorts and a silk top with denim peter pan collar. Awesome right? I’m gonna sew more and more next week! A maxi dress, denimshorts that match the silktop, a blue maxiskirt that’s short in front and a skirt or short from some green fabric.


This is a preview of the silk top I made. Pictures of the whole thing will be up tomorrow!



a black hole

28 Feb

Ever felt like you were falling?
Down, in a very dark black hole?
Well, I have it. Right now. This very moment. It isn’t pleasent. Why i have it? No idea. Maybe it is because I can never chase my dream. Maybe because my parents are having an argument in an other room. Maybe because everything I try goes wrong. And maybe it is everything together. And now i’m falling. In a dark, black hole. You ever felt the same?