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17 Apr

I’m going to London in may, with school (bummer) but also with one of my best friends!
I’ll be gone for a week, but I’ll update you guys everyday. I’m also gonna show you my suitcase, clothes and a week long OOTD! Sounds like a lot of fashion, right?
Two teachers will also keep a blog (in English), you can check that out here

I can’t wait to go!

two weeks left



14 Apr

Some people say I’m a perfectionist.
Well, maybe I am a perfectionist.


Even my toothpaste has to be right.

Can’t remember

2 Apr

There’s a system of symbols that no one will vouch for
Everyone uses, but no one believes
There’s a dog in the yard with a manner that’s ruff
Yet there’s something about you that he understands
The girl at the window, covered in ashes
Smiles grotesquely in the light of the day
Singing in German, a cold summer warning
But I can’t remember what I meant to say…


28 Mrt

Jealousy. There aren’t much people who can say that they are never jealous. Those who say it, are lying or aren’t human. Jealousy is one of the strongest human emotions, I guess. It can stimulate you, to work harder for exemple. But it can also break you down.
I can be jealous. Very jealous. And that in combination of being a perfectionist can break you down to the ground. Where am I jealous about? Long, skinny girls. The fact that I can’t control my ‘foodattacts’ and other people can. People with a lot of gadgets; iPods, iPhones, everything from mac. People who follow their dreams etc etc. Where are you jealous about?

High heels weather

25 Mrt

It’s spring. And the temperature is just perfect. The sun is shining, so put away your warm boots, and put on the high heels!
this are illegal high heels, my mom, dad and sister have no idea that I bought these guys. My family has something against fashion ): and they totaly dislike high heels.. I don’t wear them often, cause my mom get’s a heartattact if she sees them, and we don’t want that, do we?




23 Mrt

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end
Always the end.

Nobody knows

22 Mrt

Did you guys knew that nobody I personal know, knows I have a blog? Accept wellbeadreamfull! Two friends know I have a blog, but not where and with which name. Why? Keeping a blog is a weird thing to do, I guess. A lot of people think keeping a blog is only for people who ‘have something’. Someone with a diseas, or someone who’s travelling. And ofcourse, those people can keep a blog, I love to read those blogs. But other people can have a blog to right? To put all their thougts on.

It’s a little bit privacy to, I guess. I write about friends, or other people I know. If they read it.. mm. It’s also ‘weird’ to have a blog about fashion. Or music. Or just random thoughs. That’s what a lot of people think. I believe blogging is a beautiful way to express yourself. It can be a relieve to write about your day. It doesn’t matter if nobody reads it, you said it, that’s enough.