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11 Aug


Made the shorts today! I’m calling them York, after a Brittish city. What do you think? It matches the silktop cause I putted some silk details in the pants. The peter pan collar is also the same fabric as the shorts. Excuses moi for the bad pictures.. I need to take all my pictures with my iPod and I need to take all pictures myself..


Silk with denim

6 Aug

Who said you can’t mix up silk and denim?


Well, I think it looks perfect :))



What do you think?

When vacation hits..

5 Aug

My life, is a busy one. I’ve to work hard for school, learn things, do things enz. So when vacation hits.. I’m going hard. Very hard. Only this week I made: a jumpsuit, a jacket with shorts and a silk top with denim peter pan collar. Awesome right? I’m gonna sew more and more next week! A maxi dress, denimshorts that match the silktop, a blue maxiskirt that’s short in front and a skirt or short from some green fabric.


This is a preview of the silk top I made. Pictures of the whole thing will be up tomorrow!


Fi fa fabric

10 Apr

The smell of just bought fabric, mm. Yes, I’ve been to the market and I came home very happy..

I’m gonna make a “chanel” jacket with this fabric with a black zipper. I’ve to stay original right?

Jumpsuit, playsuit, overall, catsuit.. I don’t know the different, but it’s gonna be something like that. I figured that this colour with a brown skin would just be beautiful so I had to buy it.

Pants. Flower pants. I’m not sure if I’ll make skinny or flared ones, what do you think?

Since I have to go with the flow I thought: let’s go colourblocking. In a dress.

sounds like a lot of fun, right?

indian style

21 Mrt

This is a jacket a made, I don’t wear it much, but I like it though! I found my inspiration at the ONLY shop, but the version the had there was sooooo expensive! damn, haha!

Do you like it?


the calipso buzz

4 Mrt

This is a dress I’ve made for the summer. When I bought some material to make an other dress, I saw this one, and it made me laugh. The print is so weird, I just had to take it with me! The back is lower than the front, and the back is criss-cross because of the punkish details. The belt isn’t stuck to the dress, but again (see BLACKBERRY) I thought my body looked better this way. What do you guys think?ImageImage