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11 Aug


Made the shorts today! I’m calling them York, after a Brittish city. What do you think? It matches the silktop cause I putted some silk details in the pants. The peter pan collar is also the same fabric as the shorts. Excuses moi for the bad pictures.. I need to take all my pictures with my iPod and I need to take all pictures myself..



7 Aug


Shopping is not good for my bankaccount. This shoes were in sale, they were beautiful so I just needed them.


When vacation hits..

5 Aug

My life, is a busy one. I’ve to work hard for school, learn things, do things enz. So when vacation hits.. I’m going hard. Very hard. Only this week I made: a jumpsuit, a jacket with shorts and a silk top with denim peter pan collar. Awesome right? I’m gonna sew more and more next week! A maxi dress, denimshorts that match the silktop, a blue maxiskirt that’s short in front and a skirt or short from some green fabric.


This is a preview of the silk top I made. Pictures of the whole thing will be up tomorrow!


Tie dye

30 Mrt

I’m tie dyeing my pants on this very moment.


This is a before picture. I’ll post an after picture tomorrow, or maybe tonight! Tie dyed jeans are very hot this moment, and very easy to DIY! Just soak the pants in some water, then take some rubber bands, put them on te jeans so you get a big knot. Throw the jeans in a bucket with bleach and let the bleach do the work! You can also do this to your shirt or bag ofcourse!

indian style

21 Mrt

This is a jacket a made, I don’t wear it much, but I like it though! I found my inspiration at the ONLY shop, but the version the had there was sooooo expensive! damn, haha!

Do you like it?


OOTD – Business

6 Mrt


OOTD – never a skinny

1 Mrt


This was my outfit today. I always wear skirts. If I wear pants it’s never a skinny. Why? Everyone wears a skinny. I truly don’t mind, most look good in a skinny. But I’m not skinny, so why try to be? I’m truly happy with my body (well, the legs could be thinner) so I just wear what I love. Dresses. Skirts. Short pants . You should try it. It’s amazing.