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7 Aug


Shopping is not good for my bankaccount. This shoes were in sale, they were beautiful so I just needed them.



15 Apr


I miss this feeling. The feeling that you miss someone. Well, it isn’t fun to miss someone. But I have no one to miss. No one to love.

Do you miss someone?


26 Mrt

I had a subscription on ELLE for a long long time, but I just stopped it. I began to miss the magazine, so I took a new subscription! I’m gonna own this bag ( a cowboybag), and I can’t wait!


I also can’t wait until I can read the ELLE, I love that magazine. It’s very inspirational! Do you guys own a subscription?


19 Mrt

To finish a stupid testweek, me and some friends went to a party. The party was great. With friends. Dancing. Singing. Laughing. That feeling is so great. And the best of all: we don’t need to get drunk or high. We just have to be ourself. That gives a happy feeling.


14 Mrt

Oh, he’s watching. Like: my direction! Oh my.. Maybe he likes me..

I see things through orange glasses. I think too soon people like me. Like as in: having a crush on me. I think it has to do with my friends-history. I wasn’t a populair girl on primary school. Boys wouldn’t talk to me, cause I looked a bit different. So I never had any boy-friends. When a boy talks to me now (I’m seventeen) I act weird. Very weird. When they talk to me for a second time, I’m suspicious. Why would they talk to me? I’m a weird person. And my next thought: oh well, maybe he likes me. From that moment everything he does is suspicious. When I tell a friend, the reaction most of the time is; dude, that’s normal. He thinks you’re nice, so he talks to you. He doesn’t wanna marry you or something. Bam! Welcome back on earth.

The army

7 Mrt

I love this colour. When I bought it, it was like: WOW! And when i putted it on, it was like: WOOOW! I think it’s perfect colour for spring. So I’m gonma wear it a lot, I guess.

it’s rambo no. 5 from catrice 20120307-170313.jpg