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Barcelona’s bleaching

13 Aug


I’m packing for Barcelona. Packing some shorts I thought.. These are kinda boring.. We can do something about that.. Let’s bleach them.. So my whole room smells like bleach now.. The shorts are turning round ’n round in the washingmachine on this very moment, so now I really have to start packig my stuff.



11 Aug


Made the shorts today! I’m calling them York, after a Brittish city. What do you think? It matches the silktop cause I putted some silk details in the pants. The peter pan collar is also the same fabric as the shorts. Excuses moi for the bad pictures.. I need to take all my pictures with my iPod and I need to take all pictures myself..


7 Aug


Saw this pair and fell in love.

Fi fa fabric

10 Apr

The smell of just bought fabric, mm. Yes, I’ve been to the market and I came home very happy..

I’m gonna make a “chanel” jacket with this fabric with a black zipper. I’ve to stay original right?

Jumpsuit, playsuit, overall, catsuit.. I don’t know the different, but it’s gonna be something like that. I figured that this colour with a brown skin would just be beautiful so I had to buy it.

Pants. Flower pants. I’m not sure if I’ll make skinny or flared ones, what do you think?

Since I have to go with the flow I thought: let’s go colourblocking. In a dress.

sounds like a lot of fun, right?


13 Mrt


Well. Sometimes, a picture says more than words right?